Dr. Robert Masson


Dr. Robert Masson practices at the following locations: Orlando | Park City


Founder & Spine Surgeon of NeuroSpine Institute Orlando

Spine surgeon Dr. Robert L. Masson, M.D., is an internationally recognized neurosurgeon specializing in spinal injury and sports spine medicine. As the founder of the NeuroSpine Institute, he has built it up as a recognized global referral center for rapid recovery spine health solutions, minimally invasive spine decompression and reconstruction. Dr. Masson, himself an artificial disc patient, is a passionate advocate for maintenance of a comprehensive fitness strategy, even in the presence of a spinal injury.

He is an international consultant for minimally invasive neurosurgery, stem cell use in spinal injury, and one of the world’s leading advocates for prehabilitation for the spine surgery patient.

Dr. Masson has performed over 11,000 microsurgical spine procedures in his career and over 4,000 minimally invasive lumbar spinal reconstructions and revisions. He is amongst the most experienced artificial cervical spine surgeons in North America having over 700 patients treated with cervical arthroplasty. 100% of his practice is devoted to minimally invasive microsurgical spine surgery.

Dr. Masson received his medical degree with honors from the University of Florida. He stayed in Gainesville for Neurological Surgery Residency, finishing in 1995 with special training in Microneurosurgery and minimally invasive spine surgery. He credits his training and inspiration in Microsurgery to Dr. Albert Rhoton, the ‘father’ of microneurosurgical anatomy. Dr. Richard Fessler, his mentor in spine surgery, inspired him to blend his skills in microneurosurgery and his passion for sports into a field of Sports Spine Surgery.

After starting his practice in 1995, he began applying brain microsurgery techniques to spinal surgery with great success. The ultimate product was the creation of a unique symphony of surgical techniques the world of minimally invasive spine surgery had not yet seen. The advances he made enabled the creation of spinal implants, retractors, templates, delivery devices, techniques, and ultimately, the iMAS surgical symphony which he invented.

Dr. Masson’s iMAS technique—which is short for ‘interpedicular minimal access surgery’—is used in lumbosacral spinal reconstruction and he is responsible for the education, product development, and research for Depuy Synthes Spine products and techniques. He is one of several Chairmen, globally, of surgeon training and certification for Depuy Synthes Spine in the use of the artificial disc, Prodisc. He has trained several hundred surgeons in minimally invasive spine surgery, microsurgical low back reconstruction and artificial cervical disc surgery and is credited with having the least invasive spine reconstruction technique in the world.

His practice treats a variety of amateur, recreational, and professional athletes, representing players from the NFL, NBA, MLB, PGA/LPGA tours, U.S. Ski team, US Cycling and Wake Boarding teams, and is an expert consultant at Spine Health as it relates to Golf, Tennis and Skiing. He was featured on the television program, Discovery Health, as an expert in neurological surgery and is on the editorial board for the Growing Bolder Media having contributed to the Growing Bolder television show, magazine and is the partnered creator of Spine Health and NSI TV

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