Welcome to NeuroSpine Institute

Park City Utah Spine Surgery Center

Dr. Masson is pleased to announce that the NeuroSpine Institute will be opening it’s doors in its Park City, Utah location in January 2014.  In addition to expert diagnostics and conservative spine care, prehab, rehab, and treatment, the park city location will focus on outpatient spine micro decompression, minimally invasive reconstruction, artificial disc surgery, and stem cell disc regeneration. 

NeuroSpine Institute is proud to have acquired its clinical space and modern outpatient surgery center in the heart of Park City, Utah.  “We will be extending our unique and next generational blend of performance based spine treatment to the great mountain sports community of Park City”, says Dr. Masson.  Having been a part time resident of Park City for several years, Dr. Masson is committed to bringing advanced, globally relevant spine health care to Park City.

Phase 1 will focus on advanced diagnostics, rehabilitative care and sports spine injury management.  Phase 2 will begin in the second quarter and will include pain management and opening of the outpatient surgery center which will be equipped with all of the state of the art microsurgical and navigational equipment that the NeuroSpine Institute is famous for. During phase 3, by summer 2014, we will be extending our staff and services while bringing the culture of next generation spine health, training, and education to the medical training facility at NSI Park City.



Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday
9:00 AM – 4:30 PM


Message from Dr. Robert Masson

As founder of NeuroSpine Institute, I firmly believe that having a spinal injury doesn’t have to change your life, and it doesn’t have to mean you’re ‘disabled.’ At NSI, we believe every patient should be given the best chance to make a full, healthy recovery and get back to living their life.

NeuroSpine Institute specializes in minimally invasive spinal procedures directed toward giving each and every patient the best possible outcome, regardless of past results. Schedule an appointment to learn about the new technology available that offers speedy recovery times and superior, short- and long-term recovery results.

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